It all started when...

My love of food and cooking inspired this blog. I love to cook the old fashion way, from scratch! Because of the busy lives people have these days I am finding that many people do not know how to cook or can only operate a microwave. Enjoying a real home cooked meal is rare these days and has become a luxury. My goal is to get families and people in general back to the table and to work home cooking back into their everyday lives.

I want to help make it a fun experience spending time in the kitchen cooking meals either as a single person, a couple or together as a family. Kids are finding their way into the kitchen to cook more and more and loving it. Teaching your children how to cook safely in the kitchen will not only allow them to help more with meals, but it will help them develop their creativity with meals in the future. We need to get away from unhealthy processed foods and start incorporating fresh produce and meat into our family diets. My goal is to share my experiences with food during my travels, as well as share recipes and photographs of the food I love. There will be recipes for all levels of cooks. So let’s get cooking!